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Domain extensions

In general, if your business is based in the UK and only serves UK customers, try and choose a .co.uk domain name. If you feel you want to protect your brand, you can also register the .com alternative and redirect any traffic to the UK version.

There are, of course, all sorts of extensions available now. Apart from the generic names – for example .me for personal sites and .org for non-profit organisation website there are a whole host of funky new top level domains. Whether you’d want to use names like mydomain.baby, mydomain.dance or mydomain.kitchen is debatable at this stage and the search engine results are uncertain at this stage. If you already own the generic .com or .co.uk name it can’t hurt to register an alternative if it’s close to your business type but remember the renewal costs add up if you own a few domains.

Typically a domain name with a .co.uk extension is around £7, and the .com is just under £22 for 2 years (exc VAT). If you are thinking about registering a new domain soon, head over to 123-reg and use the discount code COAFF123 for 10% off .co.uk domains and COMAFF123 for 10% off .com domains.

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What’s in a name (a domain name that is)?

It’s all very well saying big brands like Amazon, Ebay and MacDonalds have brand names that are easily identified but things have changed a lot since they were registered and if you’re starting out it’s a better idea to choose something related to what you do. Unless you have a huge marketing budget, pick a domain name that reflects the company or products you’re representing.

Make it easy to remember

Long tail website names that are hard to spell are not going to bring you visitors, so don’t choose something like my-fabulous-amazing-company.co.uk. Shorter names will be easier for potential customers to remember, especially by word of mouth, and while multiple hyphens may not affect search engine optimisation they might be considered spammy. It’s also worth remembering that your domain emails would be too long, harder to type and certainly not memorable.

Grab your ideal name now

Various clients over the years have asked me to register domain names for their new business and find that they’re not available. As long as you don’t infringe any trademarks, there are clever ways to get round this. If you want to call your company Glasgow Tickets and the domain name glasgowtickets.co.uk isn’t available, try glasgowticket.co.uk.
Domain registration examples

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