Domain extensions In general, if your business is based in the UK and only serves UK customers, try and choose a domain name. If you feel you want to protect your brand, you can also register the .com alternative and redirect any traffic to the UK version. There are, of course, all sorts of […]

With the recent rollout of Windows 10, there’s a big debate about whether to jump on the free upgrade or stay with your current operating system. Having avoided Win 8.1 altogether, I’m sticking with Win 7 at the moment, at least until the major bugs are ironed out, but I believe 8.1 users might find […]

You can register a domain name for under £10 and a .com for around £25, but what if you had picked up a name when one-word urls were easy to come by? You could be making a fortune now! These website domains – Most expensive domain names – have been sold for anywhere from […]